lovely sky bed

Material Futures

Lizzie HarperComment

There are changes in Lovelyskybed-land! I am spending this summer in New York and getting ready to start graduate school here in London in the fall.

Los Angeles is in the rearview mirror for now but I will always have love and gratitude for those angels out there, so many of whom contributed to the successful launch of Lovelyskybed from 2015 onward. Zero to universe in 3 years. If you happen to ever read this, you should know who you are — THANK YOU.

New quilts will still be coming, for a while, as I work through my overflowing stash of deadstock & vintage fabric.  The new ones are definitely getting more experimental. And I haven’t even visited Fabscrap in Brooklyn yet this summer… 

I am also hoping to continue the sporadic production of #lovelyskybed #quilt photos and media to post here and on other parts of the internet. 

Wish me luck!

(photo by Benoit Pailley, 2009)