lovely sky bed


Lizzie HarperComment

It's a really great feeling when someone finds Lovelyskybed on instagram and writes me an email. Even better - when this wonderfully warm & friendly out-of-the-blue emailer is also the buyer at a store here in LA, looking for cozy new home goods to add to her assortment. A beautiful email/feeling.

So I went over to drop off a few quilts this weekend, hung out with my new email pal, tried on a bunch of clothes, and took a few photos. 

The store is called VVE and it's stocked with all my favorite South Korean brands I didn't know about until I walked in... Very good jeans and shoes. I was so happy and relaxed that I didn't buy anything. Just had fun, and I know I'll be back.


VVE • 211 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


ps - But then I walked down La Brea for a little more shopping research and fell hard for a metallic pale blue leather jacket. Vintage Versus. It fit and I couldn't resist. What a La Brea day!