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The song behind Lovelyskybed

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...or Philosophy of Lovelyskybed, v.2.

Fall 2017, as I am getting ready to introduce the new MIDNIGHT queen-size quilts, and some other new colors.

Here is a long-overdue explanation of how I named this project. The product of my project is quilts, but have you noticed that the name is actually BED?

Someday when I have time to expand this project to what I want it to be, it will be more than just an instagram and some quilts. The space of beds is truly what it’s about, and I started making my own quilts so I could offer something special and unique to add to a bed. And because I had a stash of gorgeous fabric and no higher use for it than sewing together big rectangles. But there should be much more than just my things on that bed.

I took the name from the Alice Coltrane song “Lovely Sky Boat.” I was charmed the first time I read those words together on a digital tracklist and I remember putting it on repeat for the name alone; I don’t have memories of the music itself registering with me until later. I guess I chose that track because it sounded like the name of a song I wanted to live in.

Alice Coltrane (1937-2007) was a musician originally from Detroit. She was a jazz pianist and harpist who was married to John Coltrane until his death in 1967 and recorded many albums of her own as she continued on a spiritual journey after her husband’s death, later becoming a Vedic religious leader in Southern California and releasing tapes of devotional music she made for and with her spiritual community.

 found Alice Coltrane’s music back in 2010 or 2011 on the recommendation of a friend, starting with the Journey in Satchidanand record, and have had so many beautiful moments with her music. The Turiya Sings album will probably be my #1 flying music forever, after a mind-blowing first listen on a transcontinental overnight flight. Somewhere out over the Atlantic, Alice’s synthesizer swoops into infinity…

Then in 2015, when I was developing ideas for what to call my quilt project, I remembered this song, switched out BOAT for BED and it all made sense. The project feels more and more suited to its name. I also think that the words boat and bed must be etymologically related, right?

Now please listen to the song, if you haven’t already today:

I could have shared my connection with this song from the beginning, but it's been hard to sit down and write something that seems so obvious. I have this in my mind every day as I tend my bed-stagram without putting it into words…

The bed is the safest, most intimate space in our lives. I can call in Arianna Huffington and the other experts to talk about the importance of rest and sleep etc. - I’m taking all that for granted. And I’m generalizing a little, but still, for most people their bed is their ultimate *zone.* It's more about the liminal moments of comfort on either side of sleep.

The thing about beds that I’m into is the part that’s actually in your brain. The part that, when things go off, it pulls you back in to centeredness. Like an animal back to the nest. Every night, etc. The safe place. Like a boat in the middle of an ocean!

My sky and ocean references are of course key to the colors I choose for quilts and inspiration I post too.

The point of all of this Lovelyskybed stuff (for the past 2 years sharing the quilts anddigital inspiration - but hopefully someday more of my own photographs, portraits, a book, rooms, films…) is that I want everyone to think about their beds and intentionally make them really right for themselves. And then when you wake up in the morning, you feel so cradled in beauty and also so free that you can go out for the day, live well, listen to great music - do great things.