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Getting a bed in LA

Lizzie HarperComment

This site! To all the people who are just moving to LA, or moved here in the past year but still are sleeping on a mattress on the floor…..

Get a bed. Make it cozy or make it minimal or however you like your own personal laying-place to be. Make it yours! But you need a bed frame.

I personally kind of like the idea of the dark wood king-size platform bed with built-in nightstands that’s on the site right now for $195. I’d throw my little old full-size mattress on there and enjoy the drama of a wood moat running all around. Might feel kind of Japanese with all those horizontals. Plus dark wood is obviously my favorite for the bedroom.

The Things and Stuff is a fun site to browse, with used bed frames at $115+ right now. Their selection changes all the time. Thrift and vintage stores are great too. Or there’s the buying-new route. In any case, I truly recommend getting a bed frame, if only to keep your mattress up off the floor and free of floor-dust and dirt. It seriously makes a difference.