lovely sky bed

MFMA Critical Journal 2018

A Cold War (2016)

Jewelry @ Dover St Market. Could I make a golden honeycomb by 3D printing the model in #wax? Also #retail

In Fabric (2018)

Rams (2018) about Dieter Rams. Now I want to build my own clock radio!

Taschen's Favorite Spas (2010)

Julie Mehretu @ White Cube

A Woman of Substance (1983) #retail

Gran Fury @ Auto Italia

Throne of Blood (1957)

Throne of Blood (1957)

How to Read Water (2016)

How to Read Water (2016)

Cultural theorist Benjamin Bratton speaks with science fiction writer Bruce Sterling about Sterling's ongoing work on the Novel of Turin, the cross-fertilization of ideas between industrial design and science fiction, and the role of risk models as an infrastructural form of speculation. Bruce Sterling is an author, journalist and critic.
Materiology (2009)

Diamantino (2018)

Harrods visit #retail

The Eighties (2016) AIDS episode and MTV episode

The Eighties (2016) AIDS episode and MTV episode

Tron (1982)